Bar Mitzvah Guidelines


The date of the BM will be on/after his 13th birthday on the Jewish calendar.


Requirements for the Bar mitzvah boy:


The ceremony will take place;
A] As part of a Shabbat morning Service


B] During a weekday/Sunday – weekend when Torah reading is required.


[The differences between the two options will be explained by the Rabbi.]


The BM boy will read from the Torah, or/ and Haftorah if on a Shabbos and make a speech and will lead certain prayers.
If he is fluent in Hebrew reading weekly lessons will begin eight months prior to the BM, if he can’t read Hebrew, weekly lessons will begin one year prior to the BM. Parents are welcome to join the BM lessons.
The BM will be required to attend Shabbat morning Services at least twice a month prior to the BM. His family is encouraged to attend with him.
He will be required to take on a Mitzvah project; the choice and details will be worked out with the Rabbi.


Focus of the BM lessons;


The personal lessons with the Rabbi will focus on; Hebrew reading [if need be], a general knowledge of Jewish history and customs, preparation to read from the Torah, Haftorah and to deliver a D’var Torah/Speech at the ceremony.
A tape will be made for the BM boy to practice with of the reading parts for the BM ceremony. The studies will include four main subjects; BM significance and details, general Jewish history, Halacha and specific Torah topics related to a teenager.
Tefillin: the BM boy will learn how to use the Tefillin along with the relevant laws.


1. The BM Ceremony if on Shabbat will take place at Chabad of Pembroke Pines or another Chabad facility.


2. If it is on a Sunday/ weekday it can be held at other locations to be determined.


3. A Kiddush – buffet lunch will follow the ceremony. All food must be ordered directly from a Glatt Kosher establishment. If you have special requests for additional food items to be included please consult the Rabbi at least three months prior to the Barmitzvah.


4. The printing of Kippas, benchers, invitations etc. are all at the discretion of the BM family, however all items/invites should be shown to the Rabbi in advance.

Bar mitzvah Costs

Memberhship - $770

Weekly lessons - $45 [45 minute lesson].
Shul Service and set up/removal - $100.
Tefillin - $350 / $550 (premium long term use)
Tallis - $70
Tzizis - $35
For your consideration

Torah volume and Siddur prayer book - $75
Building Fund Contribution: Being that Chabad does not charge building fund dues, and are available to all Jews from all walks of life, we request that the family consider a significant contribution to the Shul building campaign.