Hebrew Reading & Prayer Crash Course

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Always wanted to read Hebrew? Do you feel lost during the service?

Follow the Prayer service in its original Hebrew. Know what to say and when.

In 4 easy lessons you'll be able to read the language of the Bible and feel at home with Hebrew and participate in the Synagogue service.

While most other languages require significant time and dedication to master, one can easily become a proficient reader of Hebrew in just four lessons.

This course is a proven and tested method of teaching the Hebrew language. Through sight recognition and an emphasis on single syllable reading, you can master the Hebrew language in four easy classes. Pray in Hebrew, learn Torah in its original language, read traffic signs in Israel… the possibilities are endless!

The course beings with learning the Hebrew Alphabet and covers basic reading skills, preparing the participants for the exciting experience of reading and understanding the prayer book and other Jewish texts. Those who complete the course will be able to read Hebrew and gain a rudimentary understanding of the prayers in their original language.

Mati Dinar Instructor: Rabbi Mordechai Andrusier
7:30 - 9 p.m. 4 Tuesdays beginning August 30th
Chabad Pembroke Pines 17900 NW 5 St #104, Pembroke Pines 33029

Class is $60 (Includes Textbook & Flashcards) 

10% Discount for couples

Click Here to register or call 954-874-2280

* This course will teach you how to read Hebrew. It will not cover conversational Hebrew