This year Purim is celebrated on Wednesday evening, March 16 - Thursday evening, March 17.

One of the special Mitzvos of Purim is to send gifts of at least two ready to eat Kosher food and treats to our Jewish neighbors, friends and family members. This is known as Mishloach Manot or Shalach Manos. Emphasizing unity and friendship, we send these gifts to at least one friend, or as many as possible.

Chabad of Pembroke Pines has arranged a special program to allow you to remember your wonderful friends and family andMishloach Manot - Muchnik fulfill this important Mitzvah. We have put together beautifully themed baskets that your family and friends are sure to enjoy and appreciate.

With the many innovative programs Chabad runs throughout the year, (at synagogue, during the High Holy Days, Hebrew School …) we get to meet so many special people. We have therefore enclosed a list of members and friends of the Chabad family. Please check off as many names as you wish and we will send a special basket to each family checked. We apologize if we have accidentally omitted the names of any family. If you realize that we have forgotten someone, please notify us at once.

One basket (*) will be delivered to each professional with a Purim greeting card listing the names of the families sponsoring the gift. Any family receiving less than five sponsors will receive a beautiful Purim card announcing your donation in honor of their family.

The minimum donation is $36.00 which entitles you to check off 5 names. Each additional name is $5.00.

Three Choices!

1. Fill out the Mishloach Manos form to send baskets to your local friends. If a friend is not on the list, fill in their name on the bottom of the form.

2. Reciprocate to any friend that is sending a basket to you.

3. Send a meaningful Purim basket to an Israeli Soldier or a Jewish Soldier serving in U.S. Armed Forces.


Reciprocal agreement: You may also wish to reciprocate & send baskets to those who send you (but were not on your list). Check off the reciprocal box on the list & we will charge your card $5 per name.

Yes! I would like to reciprocate.

Rabbi Mordechai Andrusier

Soldier eating Hamantash.jpg

Send a basket to an Israeli Soldier or a Jewish soldier serving in the U.S. Armed Forces
$18 per basket
I wish to send Purim Baskets to
# of Israeli soldiers
# of U.S. soldiers
at $18 per basket

Rabbi Pinny Andrusier

Mr. Eric Assouline, Esq.

Dr. Rick Behar

Mr. Josh & Dr. Caren Bennet

Dr. Mario Berkowitz

Dr. Kenneth Blaze

Dr. Ely Brand

Mrs. Rosaly Buchalter

Dr. Jason Buchwald

Dr. Stanley Braverman

Dr. Avriel Cohen

Dr. Carlos Cohen

Dr .Darren Cohen

Dr. Kenneth Cohen

Dr. Mitchel Cohen

Dr. Michael Cohen

Dr. Jon Cooper

Dr. Max Dweck

Dr. Benny Esquenazi

Mr. Adam Feidelman

Purim Party

Dr. Lyle Feinstein

Dr. David Feldbaum

Dr. Mark Forrest

Dr. Ben Freedman

Dr. Kurt Freedman

Dr. Samuel Freedman

Mr. Jeffrey Friedman CPAMegillah

Dr. Milton Gedallovich

Dr. Todd Goldberg

Dr. Scott Goldberg

Rabbi Itche Goldshmid

Dr. Israel & Monica Grinberg

Dr. James Green

Dr. Michael Greenberg

Dr. Darren Grossman

Dr. Michael Hirsch

Dr. Robert Hirsch

Dr. Karen Hirschberg

Dr. Leonard HoenigClown 1

Dr. Mark Jaffe

Dr. Maury Jayson

Dr. Kenneth Karp

Dr. Ira Katz

Dr. Steven Katz

Dr. Scott Kazdan

Dr. Todd Kazdan

Dr. Robert Klein

Dr. Sheldon Levine

Dr. Robert Levinson

Dr. Isaac Levy

Dr. Ralph Levy

Dr. Gary Lieberman

Dr. Dov Linzer

Dr. Alexander MarkovichPurim Clown

Dr. Leon Melnitsky

Dr. Daniel Morse

Dr. Dean Palmer

Dr. David Rand

Dr. James Reich

Dr. Wayne Riskin

Dr. Eric RothschildPurim

Dr. Howard Rubinstein

Dr. Darren Salzman

Dr. Harvey Samowitz

Dr. Barry Schiff

Dr. Douglas Smith

Dr. Jeffrey Snow

Dr. Robert Snyder

Dr. Helen Spalding

Dr. Stanley Spatz

Dr. David Steiner

Dr. Jacob Tangir

Dr. Frederick Wittlin

Not on the list? Add a friend here.

Not on the list? Add a friend here.

Not on the list? Add a friend here.

Not on the list? Add a friend here.

Not on the list? Add a friend here.


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