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Three Choices!
1. Fill out the Mishloach Manos form to send baskets to your local friends. If a friend is not on the list, fill in their name on the bottom of the form.
2. Reciprocate to any friend that is sending a basket to you.

3. Send a meaningful Purim basket to an Israeli Soldier or a Jewish Soldier serving in U.S. Armed Forces.

Happy Purim!

This year Purim is celebrated on monday evening, March 9- Tuesday, March 10.

One of the special Mitzvos of Purim is to send gifts of at least two ready to eat Kosher food and treats to our Jewish neighbors, friends and family members. This is known as or Shalach Manos. Emphasizing unity and friendship, we send these gifts to at least one friend, or as many as possible.

Chabad of Pembroke Pines has arranged a special program to allow you to remember your wonderful friends and family and fulfill this important Mitzvah. We have put together beautifully themed baskets that your family and friends are sure to enjoy and appreciate.

With the many innovative programs Chabad runs throughout the year, (at synagogue, during the High Holy Days, Hebrew School …) we get to meet so many wonderful people. We have therefore enclosed a list of members and friends of the Chabad family. Please check off as many names as you wish and we will send a special basket to each family checked. We apologize if we have accidentally omitted the names of any family. If you realize that we have forgotten someone, please notify us at once.

One basket will be delivered to each family with a Purim greeting card listing the names of the families sponsoring the gift. Any family receiving less than five sponsors will receive a beautiful Purim card announcing your donation in honor of their family.

The minimum donation is $36.00 which entitles you to check off 5 names. Each additional name is $5.00.

Reciprocal agreement: You may also wish to reciprocate & send baskets to those who send you (but were not on your list). Check off the reciprocal box on the list & we will charge your card $5 per name.

Please make your check payable to:

Chabad of Pembroke Pines
18490 Johnson St. 
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

To fill it out online, please scroll down

We are sorry but no orders will be processed without an accompanying check or credit card. Please mark Shalach Manos on your check. Absolute deadline for orders is Friday, March 6 . Please do not delay in returning your completed form! Families will only get a card for orders received after deadline.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at (954) 391-9999.

Best wishes for a Happy Purim



Shalach Manos Form

Send a basket to an Israeli Soldier or a Jewish soldier serving in the U.S. Armed Forces 
$18 per basket Soldier eating Hamantash.jpg
I wish to send Purim Baskets to 
 # of Israeli soldiers 
# of U.S. soldiers 
at $18 per basket 

Please check off the names of the people you wish to send a special Purim basket. Then, complete the form below, the method of payment and press the submit button. Thank you.

I wish to reciprocate to all those who have sent me a Purim Basket. Please charge/bill me $5 per name.

Ms. Elizabeth Agatstein Mr. & Mrs. Mark Altman
Chaim & Chaya Miriam Amar Dovy & Noemie Andrusier
R’ Mordechai & Tzirel Andrusier R’ Pinny & Gitty Andrusier  
R' Shimon & Liba Andrusier   Shmuly & Chaily Andrusier
Yehuda Andrusier  R’ Yerachmiel & Rachel Andrusier (Rabbi's Parents)
Yirmy & Mimi Andrusier   Mitchel & Susan Appelbaum
Sam & Debra Applebaum Eric & Iris Assouline
Marcelo & Karina Azevedo Brian & Liat Bandell
Neiv & Melissa Bar Mitchell & Robin Baratz
Stu & Jodi Baumel  Adrian & Rodica Bendor
Estella Beniflah (Finkel)  Josh & Caren Bennett
Avi & Cyndi Berger Arnold & Joan Berkowitz
Dr. Mario & Lilian Berkowitz Julio & Ziba Bitton 
Howard & Katie Blitz Ron Blitz
Issac & Carolina Bruk Walter & Jennifer Brunner
Victor & Linda Castillo Dr. Avriel & Elyn Cohen
Dr. Carlos & Mireya Cohen Nissim & Taly Dery 
Moti Dover Ron & Michelle Duek
Eric & Kathy Druckmann  Judy Eichel
Alon & Sherri Ensel Benny & Lea Esquenazi
Ron Fenster Chet & Gity Finkel
Larry & Barbara Franklin Mark Franklin
Michael Jay Freer Joseph & Graciela Friedman
Avidan & Melissa Frommer  Even & Miriam Garcia
Sylvia Gellis R' Itche & Mathy Goldshmid
Andres & Esther Hadjes Lizi Hirschberg
Grete Hirschberg Leon Israel 
Maurice & Adina Israel  Dr. Mark & Dena Jaffe
 Victoria Jedwab  Issac & Laura Jedwab
Shniur & Chaya Kapeluschnik R' Israel & Miriam Kapeluscnik (Tzirel's Parents)
Audrey Kapuler Lt. Joel Katz
 Leah Kochlany
 Shoul Mir Wildau
Mataan & Gary Katz   Vadim & Anna Kreynin
David Kubiliun Isak & Golde Kubilin
Judd & Derek Kurlander Ron & Jacqueline Lazar
Dror & Sussy Levy Karen Levy (Rodriguez)
Ralph Levy
Amir & Lea Liberman 
Dr. Dov Linzer Louis & Maxine Lopez 
Graciela Marquez Michael & Edna Malka
George & Alanna Mersinger Samuel & Regina Mesel
Ronald & Diana Ostroff Dean & Andrea Palmer
Manuel Ramos Stanley & Sabrina Rosen
Michael Samosky Ira & Myna Schrager 
Stuart & Ellen Semel Dr. Pamela Silver
Alan & Heidi Tabasky Irving & Dorris Uncyk
Anette Weizman/Schrodder Daniel Werba
Jackie & Sussana Werba  Perla Nowogrodzki

Don't see the name you want? Add it here and we will send a basket.  


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We thank you for your order. Happy Purim!