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 "The Kiddush" has become a vital part of the Chabad  community as it does much to create friendships and the warm Shul atmosphere in which we take great pride.

Please consider the mitzvah of sponsoring a kiddush. It is a wonderful way to honor an event, a memory, an individual or any other life-cycle event.

May the merit of sponsoring this beautiful event bring you and yours all the blessings of Nachas, happiness and much success in all your endeavors

Kiddush options below are for up to 30 people. For Bar-Mitzvahs, or for bigger Kiddushim please add in incriments of 30.

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Challah Challah Individual Challah Rolls
Salads Deli Platters Gefilte Fish
Cake Salads Salads
Cholent Cholent Cholent w/ Kishka & meat
Chips Kugels Cold Cuts
Humous Cake Dessert Shnitzel
Soda Soda Liver
L'Chaim L'Chaim Kugels
Paper Goods Paper goods Cake Dessert
    Fresh Fruit
    Paper Goods

Price: $150

Price $250

Price $350



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Neshama Soul Memorial  Dedication Opportunities
  Main Dedication 
A dedication plaque will be placed in memory of your loved one or in your honor(also includes two regular plaques)
  Plaque (32 available) $360
Other Opportunities to Sponsor in Memory of Your Loved One
  Prayer Book Quantity   $36
  High Holiday Prayer Book Quantity   $54
Chumash Quantity   $54
Your Information
First Name of Loved One   Family Name of Loved One  
Hebrew Name of Loved One   Father's Name of Loved One  
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Seat: $50

 I will be mailing a check to Chabad Torah Learning Center

17900 NW 5th St. #104, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029